The EXOS partnership allows for the Institute of Rugby athletes to truly be immersed in a total-athlete development program. While developing the advanced rugby skill of the athlete is vital to overall growth, nurturing the athletes mental skills through weekly classroom sessions and building athlete overall strength and power is vital to long term success. These additional features will provide athletes with the resources and tools necessary for their optimal rugby performance.

EXOS Features

• Integrated Strength & Conditioning program • Speed & Agility Training • Nutrition Education • Access to 7,400 sq ft weight room, classroom, pro-style lockers, athlete lounge, nutrition bar and much more.

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The Sharks Academy Southern KZN is the first satellite “Sharks Academy “ to open in one of the five sub unions that constitute the Kwa Zulu Natal Rugby Union.

“The Sharks Academy SKZN are very excited to announce the strategic partnership with the Institute of Rugby in the USA. We firmly believe that it will open up doors for athletes in the USA as well as Sharks Academy SKZN. With our highly qualified staff, we focus on the latest coaching techniques providing players with an awesome experience and boosting their confidence on and off the field.”

Andrew Binikos, General Manager & Head Coach

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As the established premiere authority on rugby college planning in the United States, partnering with The Rugger’s Edge was an obvious choice when seeking an organization that would give Institute of Rugby Athletes their best chance at achieving their collegiate rugby aspirations.

The Rugger’s Edge will provide informative presentations to athletes both in the Junior and Senior Institute for boys and girls in the U14-U18 divisions. All Institute Athletes will benefit from an additional 10% discount for any additional services they seek from The Rugger’s Edge.

Institute of Rugby college planning presentations will include activities such as: building your rugby resume and how to email a college coach – valuable tools when taking your next steps toward your collegiate rugby aspirations.

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Your performance determines your future. With Metasport8 athletes will be able to have instant access and monitor their performance. Real-time access to results and feedback means that you can start working towards improvement immediately. Explore some of the features that having Metasport8 will
provide to you and your performance.

Optimize Talent & Performance
MetaSport8 provides a detailed, up-to-date, real-time database for and of every athlete. This allows users to set up performance benchmarks, compare actual results to those benchmarks, and place the athlete in the relevant category. Using this information, further training interventions can take place in order to identify individual athletes to develop and manage their growth.

Instant Reporting
By the time traditional reports are available, it’s too late to do anything about poor results. Imagine the impact of being able to monitor an athlete’s performance in real-time with detailed contextual insight. The result is complete proactive holistic development that is personalized, efficient and highly effective.

Clear Communication
MetaSport8 integrates medical data, physical assessments, training programs, evaluation questionnaires and attendance records. All of these activities are co-ordinated through MetaSport8’s calendar and messaging system. In this way MetaSport8 connects an organization to its athletes, coaches, agents, administrators etc. With relevant information available to all stakeholders.

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Every elite athlete is capable of a World class performance, what matters is whether they make it happen when it is needed the most. That’s where we would like to offer valuable training and experiences to provide that necessary competitive edge.  

Katie Wurst

Co-Founder & Director of Performance, First 15 Sport Performance


First15 Sport Performance, LLC works to assist athletes and performance professionals in their mission to develop independent visions of success.  We deliver mental skills training, sport psychology consulting to athletes, practitioners, and performers at all levels.  Our mission is to support individuals and organizations in their efforts to achieve performance objectives by utilizing a holistic approach.  Our Director of Performance, Katie Wurst, is an AASP certified consultant with extensive experience delivering mental skills training to athletes at all levels within USA Rugby, IMG Academy, and additional organizations in a variety of sport and performance environments.  It is truly an honor to offer both individual and group virtual sport and performance consulting services at a special discounted rate to the athletes training in the high performance environment found at the Institute of Rugby.

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